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Our history


Founded in 1922 in Paimpol (Côtes d'Armor), the company was at first specialized in the fabrication of protective clothing for fishermen who fished the cod on the banks of Newfoundland and Iceland. Rapidly the company became their official supplier and built up its reputation on the quality and effectiveness of its clothing.

 With time, the oil cloth was replaced by a water resistant boiled wool fabric that would give life to new productions, designs and creations. From generation to generation, Dalmard Marine modernizes the sea clothes while perpetuating the tradition.  


1922 : Création of the company

- 1930 : Creation of the water resistant fabric, the Sailor’s jacket

- 1958 : Workshop set up in Paimpol

- 1962 : Trade Development

- 1998-2013 : Export development (Europe, United States, Canada, Japan)

- 2013 : Official Supplier of the professional crew of the ship school Belem

- 2016 : Partner of the brand BRETAGNE