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The Reefer Jacket

This warm, comfortable and long lasting double breasted jacket has been around for quite some time.
As the original jacket, it has double buttoning.

You can either close the jacket from left to right or from right to left. When out at sea,
the sailor closed his jacket according to where the wind came from, Port Side or Starboard.

Now this jacket exists for women and children too. 





The Kabic 

The kabic is Briton, initially worn by monks on their pilgrimage to ward off the rain and cold. Today Dalmard Marine manufactures ¾ Jackets and coats in a wide range of colors for your pleasure.

What makes the difference resides in our closely woven fabric which makes it wind and water proof.

The Kabic cannot be mistaken for the English Duffel coat because of its cut. The Kabic has notched shoulder pads that prevent the rain from streaming down the coat. Double pockets, at waist level,
called Napoleon’s pocket, also notched, there by protecting the pockets from wear and tear.





The duffel coat 

          The Duffel coat is made of boiled wool, a thick fabric doubled at the shoulders
with a fixed hood, leather ties and horned buttons.

          The Duffel coat was created by the English and used by the officers in the Navy.
          In 1944 the coat was named after Montgomery. The General wore and appreciated
          this warm and water resistant wear.





The Pea Jacket

The brick-colored Pea Jacket , familiar to many that was once worn by Oysters seller or
Fishermen is now an overall favorite among Tourists, 
yachtsmen and almost everybody.

This Jacket is slipped on over the head. One of the particularities of the jacket is that
the pockets and 
buttons are positioned on the inside .As a safety measure for fishermen
to avoid the risk of having a lobster pot or the fishing net catching on to them during
manipulation. Needless to say the cloth is very robust and durable.





The Sailor’s Jersey

Originally, the navy blue pullover was created to protect fishermen from difficult
weather conditions wind rain and sleet while on fishing campaigns in Iceland or off
 French coast. Its long body- hugging cut and tight woven lamb’s wool is like
a second
 skin. It keeps the sailor’s back warm. Very practical and easy to pull on,
thanks to
 button on the side of the neck. Even the sleeves were intentionally cut not
to slide up
 when the sailor had to reach out therefore keeping him thoroughly protected. 

When color was introduced in 1965 Dalmard Marine in partnership with Tricomer
created the first sailor pullover for children.

Initially created for professional use only, the Navy blue pullover is now, like Jeans
a “must” in our wardrobe. Anchored in our History the Navy blue pullover is the symbol
of escape into the boundless
 horizon of the seas.