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Raw materials


Right from the start we have worked with purely naturel French materials. A guarantee of unfailing

regularity in quality and production capacities, follow up and delivery deadlines. Having mastered the

production line facilitates a steady production.



Quality of our Fabrics


Quality originates by the best selection of the worsted wool. Made from

 the longest strands of yarn, the yardage is then woven and boiled, pressed

and kneaded which has for result a durable highly windproof and water

 resistant fabric.


The specifications of which, only a few French manufacturers to this day

 have the secret.







Quality Cotton



We use 100 per cent pure cotton that is soft to the touch and

 remarkably durable. Your garment will keep its shape and it will

 not felt. The renowned Dalmard Marine striped T-Shirt in the

 Summer Collection exists in 12 colors and in all sizes. It is a long

 lasting and easy to care for garment.